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    "Consider the opportunity, you must pay attention. I have heard from Commander Shimomura that the National Defense Department of the Military Department of the Ministry of the Army and the seventh department of the Second Department of the General Staff may have received received a black letter from Goto Chuka. During this time, we will send people to central China to investigate you. These two agencies are the empire's most secret counterintelligence agencies, with enormous power and act very secretly."

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    The reason why the Wang puppet government gave Chang Yuqing so many titles was because they wanted to use the Anqing Grand Council to suppress anti-Japanese people and maintain their own rule.

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    The Japanese are not stupid, after suffering huge losses in the Mariana Islands, they will definitely focus on the surrounding islands, even a person who does not understand military warfare can think of it, unless someone in the Ministry The Japanese army staff was tricked into having his head gang kicked, otherwise he would definitely do it.

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    "Killing people is okay, but the procedure must have no mistakes. You must notify the Dam Chau Police in advance. Two people will be arrested at the police station, and two people in the gang will be arrested. If the police don't No OK, you can tell Director Hou and send me a telegram.

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    Ren Yuandao, this bastard is really too much. He also asked his secretary to write a tabloid article to smear my reputation. Fortunately, he was not in the Shanghai stock market, otherwise I would have detained him together! Li Shiqun said angrily.

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    "You can eat indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense. Which of your eyes saw that I was talking privately with the Military Command? Thuong Vu Thanh, you really deserve to die, you use such low-class tricks." So for me, if you can't wash your shit off and have to drag yourself to the toilet, I'll show you the proof!" Hua Due Duong firmly sat down.

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    First of all, let me explain that the Political Security Department itself does not have much combat effect, because it is the inheritance of Li Shiqun. After moving from Shanghai to Hangzhou, the intelligence work of The Secret Service has been weakened.

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    "Children! They fight with each other in the Kim Lang palace. That's not my business. Why do I have to get involved in these troubles? It depends on the time. The Political Security Department and I are opponents of each other." . I said bad things about Van Lap Lang to these people and the two of them were alone. This can easily backfire, remember, don't make decisions for others, you can only take responsibility for yourself, they are the same."

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    Mainland Japan is not Saipan, where there is large strategic space for maneuver, the US military can hardly stop the food and ammunition supplies of fighting troops, and the people have long been beheaded poisoned by militaristic ideology. America attacking Mainland Japan will certainly suffer huge casualties.

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    Lieutenant General Taijiu Matsui only agreed to eliminate Chang Yuqing, and at the same time sent people to welcome the Executive Yuan, Legislative Yuan and Supervisory Yuan of the puppet Wang government. A large yellow dumpling was enough for him to eat and drink. whole life!

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    "You may not know this. After New Year's Day, Kato Bojiro was transferred to the headquarters of the Tokyo Gendarmerie Headquarters. Major General Ohno Hiroichi assumed this position. You must be familiar with him, right? no?", Saburo Shibuya said smiling. .

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    Humanistic relations exist not only in China, but also in Japan and Western countries. He was a little impressed with Tu Due Duong's classmates. Although their abilities could not be compared to Tu Due Duong, that did not mean is without status. as head of the management unit.

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    "But you can't wrong him without evidence. The boss always said that people's eyes can deceive you. After returning to the Shanghai stock market, you should keep an eye on him and do according to the boss's plan. Once it is confirmed, the boss will be involved later. "Don't let him participate in arranging top secret missions, the rest will be business as usual."

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    "There are some things that should not be said indiscriminately, revealing military secrets is a serious crime of beheading. A few days ago he left for the mountain city, the 11th Army attacked Dam Chau starting on May 25. No. Is it redundant? to reveal secrets to the Shancheng government at this time?"

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    Regarding this war, let alone a group of traitors who can be thrown away at any time like toilet paper, even the Japanese military officers will not tolerate it, anyone who dares to sabotage will die!

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    "Do it boldly. Whether it is the Gendarmerie or the Army Liaison Department, they are your support. Hunan Province's resources must be used as soon as possible. Everything must serve the cause." war of the empire. Anyone who dares to destroy, acts that harm the interests of the empire must be severely punished!", Mr. Ohno Koichi said.

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    Give this guy money and run away. Wu Yimei and I will go to Inoue Hinaki's office. She searched carefully and moved all the useful things here to the car downstairs. Shen Boyang ordered.

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    "Phap Hai, why did I hear that Tu Due Duong seems to be convincing you to stay?" Yang Shuhui asked.

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    In the current situation, you don't have to be half-hearted. The most important thing is to pave the way, but don't put your chips on Xu Enzeng. According to the information I received, he is having difficulty. Now, because of your background, I can't do it."

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    Headquarters of China Central District Military Command, Shanghai Station of Military Command, Hunan-Hubei Special Department, Suyu-Anhui Special Department and Hunan-Hubei Special Department Hubei is subordinate to the Jinling Special Intelligence Team, the five teams Suxichang, Zhenjiang and Jiujiang, and the Shanghai Suburban Command Station.

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    No one can trust Tu Rui Duong's news, but they know clearly that Tu Rui Duong is always calm and experienced in his work, and he is a top espionage expert, the probability of him making mistakes is very small.

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    "Okay, I'll pour you some wine. This is my personal collection. Then I'll bring you some food." Natalia smiled and said.

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    Doan's work is managed by someone else, he must promptly adjust his mentality. In the future, I will definitely do the same thing with you. After a while, I will personally go to Hengzhou, specifically talking about the relevant situation. Unexpectedly, the boss really has confidence, the boss will not let you suffer. Hua Due Duong smiled and said.

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    Headquarters of the Shancheng Department of the Army Command.

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    As long as I don't fall, no one can shake your position, and no one dares to attack you easily. The so-called vacancies are from time to time. If you need my help in the future. , just say follow me. "After struggling for two years, I have to give you a hand." Hua Due Duong said.